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Ascom Telligence

Elevating nurse call for unsurpassed patient-centric care

Ascom Telligence is the world’s first Patient Response System. With Ascom Telligence, caregivers now have relevant information at the point of care and throughout the care process. Built on the Ascom Healthcare Platform that collects information from multiple sources (the patient, medical devices, healthcare applications and other systems), Ascom Telligence gives clinicians a more comprehensive view of the patient’s status than that provided by traditional nurse call. This, together with centralized task management and automatic staff presence/rounding recognition can help streamline workflows and increase patient satisfaction.

Ascom Telligence provides a solid platform for patient-response improvements for years to come

“Ascom Telligence gives clinicians a view of patient status that is more comprehensive than that provided by traditional nurse call. It collects information from multiple sources, and makes it available to caregivers at the bedside and throughout the care process—helping to ensure they are better informed when responding to patient requests. And as it is flexible and scalable, Ascom Telligence provides a solid platform for patient-response improvements for years to come.”

André Neu

Chief Technology Officer, Ascom

Meet evolving care needs with a scalable and flexible Patient Response System

Ascom Telligence is a modular Patient Response System. It is built of scalable elements and devices that are easily customized and integrated to create a flexible solution. Patient, staff and regulatory requirements are constantly evolving—Ascom Telligence helps you stay abreast of developments.

The various modules in your Ascom Telligence solution work together to help enhance patient satisfaction and staff efficiency in virtually any type and size of healthcare facility or organization.

Ascom Telligence and the Ascom TelliConnect Station: working together to optimize care, workflows and care-team coordination

The Ascom TelliConnect Station is a patient room-located interface/control hub that lets staff create and manage workflows, enables easy charting, and gives access to clinical data from apps, devices, monitors and systems.

The efficient charting, rounding and workflow management made possible by the Ascom TelliConnect Station helps reduce the time needed for documentation and administration—leaving more for direct patient care and interactions.

Transforming traditional nurse call. Transforming care delivery and quality 

Ascom Telligence | Comprehensive clinical insight for informed care

Gain comprehensive clinical insights for informed, efficient care

  • A portal to EHRs/EMRs and other information systems
  • Makes visible data from apps, systems and devices
  • Accurate single-entry documentation supports fast availability of clinical data
Ascom Telligence | Streamlined communication for prompt patient response

Streamline communication to help ensure prompt responses


  • Tag requests to specific patient rooms for follow up
  • Supports prompt responses by reducing walking times
  • Gives staff a detailed overview of patient status
Ascom Telligence | Shared clinical data for efficient workflows

Share data for more-efficient workflows

  • Integrates to expand workflow capabilities to mobile clinicians and care teams
  • Bedside stations give direct connections to colleagues
  • Requests, updates and alerts go directly to responders
Ascom Telligence | Empower patients with self-service options

Empower patients with self-service options and specified requests

  • Stand-alone speech modules quickly connect patients to their caregivers
  • Give patients a strong, reliable voice
  • Allows patients to select a pre-defined service request

Multiple products from Ascom and third parties support the features and functions described. All Ascom solutions may not be available in specific countries.