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Ascom TelliConnect Station

Comprehensive patient status at a glance

The new Ascom TelliConnect Station is the bedside interface with which staff access and use the Ascom Telligence Patient Response System. It gives staff easy access to clinical data from apps, devices, and other systems—enabling smooth rounding, workflow management, and providing a comprehensive bedside view of a patient’s status.

The bedside management of workflows, charting and rounding made possible by the Ascom TelliConnect Station can help reduce administration and double documentation—leaving more time for direct patient care. The Ascom TelliConnect Station also supports faster responses to patient’s requests by giving caregivers easy access to a wide spectrum of key patient and clinical information at the point of care.

Workflow buttons on the Ascom TelliConnect Station can be customized for each care setting: 

  • Nurse round timers let staff select a configurable button to set rounding timers or manually enter a recurring rounding clock time. 
  • Timers may include reminders to check skin, bathroom needs, nutrition, blood sugar, fluids or other custom events.
  • Bed management facilitates patient discharge activities such as environmental services for turning over rooms, transport for moving patients, and food services to stop delivery and reduce waste. Turning rooms more efficiently positively impacts revenue and can reduce patient and family frustration. 
  • Patient flow can be accelerated by creating workflows for physical and respiratory therapy, transport, radiology, pharmacy, etc., to reduce wait times and improve productivity. 
  • Room status is continuously updated, eliminating the need for signs and notes to be attached to room doors.
  • Audio communications allow calls to be placed to the front desk, the pharmacy to check on prescriptions, or to the lab to check on results, saving caregivers’ time by not traveling to get the information. 
  • Room cancel eliminates the need for staff to go to the patient station which is often located on the wall behind the bed and other medical devices saving time and steps.
Ascom Telligence6 | TelliConnect offers bedside charting

Ascom Telligence and Ascom TelliConnect Station

Ascom Telligence | Optimized communication

Improved communications

Captures and shares information from multiple sources to enable faster response times, while empowering the patient to control their own environment.

Ascom Telligence | Quick charting

Quick charting

Reduce double documentation with automatic HL7 feed to provide EHR updates, which helps free up time for patient care.

Ascom Telligence | Automated staff check in

Automated staff presence

Recognizes staff presence at the bedside and in clinical care areas, so caregivers can focus on their patients and ensure quality reporting information to support patient satisfaction. 

Ascom Telligence | Medical device integration

Medical device integration

Accesses clinical information from medical devices with instant pairing and wide compatibility in order to collect key decision-making insights.

Ascom Telligence | Efficient clinical workflows

Efficient clinical workflows

Enables the centralized creation, management and tracking of tasks, staff workflow improvements and monitoring to help increase positive patient experiences.

Ascom Telligence | Scalable and flexible design

Scalable and flexible design

Allows a modular approach to adopting The Patient Response System and customized solutions for unique healthcare needs ... all with a modern hardware design.

Ascom Telligence and Ascom TelliConnect Station: part of the Ascom Healthcare Platform 

Bringing a dynamic portfolio of clinical and care solutions into one integrated, flexible framework, the Ascom Healthcare Platform helps healthcare facilities harness the power of clinical information, optimize care workflows and maximize the value of existing technology investments. Many of the world’s advanced healthcare institutions, including leading hospitals and digital-forward facilities, utilize Ascom technology to help elevate clinical and operational performance.


Ascom Healthcare Platform | Healthcare it that integrates medical solutions and devices across points of care

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