Sustainability at Ascom

Creating added value by improving impact

As a globally operating company, Ascom places a significant emphasis on its environmental, social, and governance responsibilities (ESG). Ascom is firmly committed to taking this responsibility as the foundation for our partnerships with employees, customers, and partners. To this end, Ascom diligently engages in various ESG initiatives and maintains an ongoing commitment to continuous improvement.

Our goals in ESG are defined by the Ascom Board of Directors. Its execution is directed by an internal ESG-Taskforce, a cross-functional, collaborative team. This group has defined the midterm roadmap for ESG-related topics, encourage ongoing exchange across divisions, and propel projects forward in key areas.

In 2022 the Executive Committee defined the long-term goal in sustainability to strive for carbon-neutral by the end of 2040 and Net Zero Target Year of 2050

Ascom has implemented a new Sustainability Directive as of 1 January 2021, which applies to all employees worldwide and includes company-specific sustainability standards and objectives.

In accordance with the Sustainability Directive, Ascom has worked toward a structured standard for sustainability reporting. The Sustainability Report 2022 has been written with reference to the Global Reporting Initiative (GRI) Standards.

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