Task Management and enterprise workflow automation software

Ascom’s Task Management solution enables operational activities to be smoothly aggregated and accurately distributed to the right staff at the right time, as well as providing a full audit trail and data for further efficiency gains.

Managing tasks and response teams

In the search for greater operational efficiency, many organizations are digitalising or automating their processes. But, in order to effectively manage tasks and achieve these gains, it is vital to know when tasks have been scheduled and completed – including evidence of completion. As well as understanding when and why a task cannot be carried out.

Adding to the complexity of managing these tasks, organizations are frequently doing more with less, with fewer highly mobile staff members manning response teams and maintaining processes. When these teams respond slowly or ineffectively the intended efficiency gains disappear, so it is important to ensure that tasks and activities can be smoothly aggregated and accurately distributed to the right people at the right time. Not to mention, making sure that unattended tasks are completed by automatically escalating them to backup personnel.

Organizations need a solution to help them manage tasks efficiently and accurately through a digitalized way of working. Providing them with the flexibility to manage scheduled activities and ad-hoc tasks in a single solution, increased job satisfaction by giving employees the right tools for the job, and helping them analyze data and identify trends to further improve workflows and operational efficiency.

If we provide our employees with good tools and equipment … we can help them harness their energy, increase their focus and achieve the performance that we desire.
— Chi Tran, CMO of Autonomous

Task Management solution

Ascom provides a true single-supplier solution for task management, deployable on mobile devices using scheduling dashboards and rule-based assignments according to capability, availability and/or location.

Helping you achieve your efficiency goals, the solution allows for mobile initiation of tasks, task suspension in case of issues (spare parts required etc.) and task completion with the ability to capture notes and photos to record activities including the finished task.

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