Scheduled and Preventive Maintenance software

Ascom’s Scheduled Maintenance solution delivers the flexibility to manage scheduled activities and ad-hoc tasks in a single solution, giving employees the right tools for the job for increased work satisfaction, and helping managers analyze data and identify trends to further improve maintenance workflows and operational efficiency.

Limiting downtime during equipment maintenance

Well-executed scheduled maintenance helps extend the life of operational equipment, as well as optimizing performance and reducing the number of breakdowns. As a result, it is essential that repairs or maintenance tasks are carried out in a timely manner at specified intervals by an appropriately skilled technician or engineer, with a record maintained for warranty and quality purposes.

However, shutdowns for maintenance — whether scheduled or not — mean losing up to 10% of available production time while you still bear the same production costs1. Not to mention the total cost of downtime which can range from thousands of dollars per hour to millions depending on the size and nature of your business or organization2.   

To increase production and maintenance efficiency, especially when staff resources may be scarce, there is the opportunity to automate or digitalize processes or tasks. By applying digitalization to scheduled maintenance tasks, you can simplify maintenance processes, allow tasks to be aggregated and distributed to a highly mobile workforce of maintenance staff, simplify record-keeping and achieve the desired efficiency gains as well as limit any downtime.

Cost of downtime for relatively small businesses: $137 to $427 per minute.
Cost of downtime for larger businesses: over $16,000 per minute ($1 million per hour) for just a short outage.
'Average Cost of Downtime per Industry' (2)

Scheduled Maintenance solution

Ascom provides a true single-supplier solution for scheduled maintenance based on 'built for environment' mobile devices, with scheduling software to drive dashboards, mapping and mobile response workflows, as well as ensuring maintenance tasks are timed, executed and recorded for efficiency and future analysis.

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