Ascom Unite

The workflow orchestration platform

Ascom Unite optimises workflows. It integrates data and events from source systems—and orchestrates alerts, chats and tasks to enable users on various endpoint platforms (iOS, Android™, web). The result? Improvements in patient/resident satisfaction, equipment uptime, and productivity. Vendor-agnostic and standards-based, Unite is used in healthcare, high-security facilities, hospitality, retail and other industries. 

Unite highlights

Quieter workplaces

Filtered alerts help improve productivity and morale by reducing sensory loads on staff. Calmer environments enhance patient satisfaction in healthcare settings.


Vendor-neutral. Interoperable with thousands of third-party systems. Consistent behavior and GUI across all devices. 

Operational continuity

Mission-critical data is encrypted and securely stored. Active-active data center architecture helps ensure operational continuity in case of serious disruptions.

User empowerment

Staff get the information they need to make smart decisions. Context-rich data made accessible via mobile devices, workstations and/or web apps.

Modular, scalable

Expand and adapt to meet changing needs. Scalable from an on-site system for a single department/ward, up to remote mult-site, multi-organization solutions.

Thanks to Ascom Unite we have dynamic care team staffing assignment. Mobile clinicians can see clinical information and waveforms from patient monitors and 12-lead ECGs in near-real time on their Ascom Myco smartphones.
Kristen Robb
IS Strategic Partner, Director—Southern California, Providence St. Joseph Health

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