Ascom a72

With The Ascom a72 pager you have the possibilities of a two-way handset for use in the Ascom Paging System. The handset is robust and designed for use in demanding environments. It also gives opportunities for several alarm features - including a personal alarm - for you and your staff's security.

Key features for Ascom pagers

Improved communication
Ascom Paging enables organizations to send messages quickly and easily to individuals or groups, which can help to improve communication and reduce response times.

Increased efficiency
By using Ascom Paging, organizations can reduce the time and effort required to communicate important messages, freeing up staff time to focus on other tasks.

Enhanced safety
In emergency situations, Ascom Paging can be used to quickly alert staff to potential risks and provide instructions for how to respond, which can help to improve safety and minimize the impact of any incidents.

Ascom Paging can be used in a variety of settings, including healthcare, hospitality, manufacturing, and retail, and can be customized to meet the specific needs of different organizations.

Cost savings
By using Ascom Paging, organizations can reduce the costs associated with traditional communication methods, such as phone calls or printed materials.

Improved customer service
Ascom Paging can be used to alert staff to customer needs or requests, enabling them to respond quickly and provide a high level of service.


Robust design

- Shock, squeeze and waterproof with IP64 classification. Disinfectant ready, temperature resilient.

Protect lone and vulnerable workers

 - Unparalleled protection through push-button, man-down, no-movement and pull-cord alarms. LF, and IR technologies provide high-precision location tracking of workers.

Reliable messaging

- Messages are displayed in plain text, acknowledge and prioritizing of important messages is built in.

Smart design

- Smartly positioned alarm button, large display and rechargeable battery.  

Secure and safe

- Dedicated frequency, proprietary protocol.
- ATEX model.

Two-way communication

- Received messages can be replied to and it is also possible to create messages.



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Standard features

  • Robust and shock resistant
  • Large backlight LCD display up to 128 characters
  • Personal alarm
  • 2 push-buttons for configurable alarms
  • Safety Pull-cord alarm
  • Man-down and No-movement alarm (option)
  • 2-tone Acoustic Location Signal (ALS)
  • Location function (IR and LF) (option)
  • UHF receiver and transmitter
  • Time-stamped messages
  • SIM card for identity and personal settings
  • 11 languages

Dimensions, screen and battery 

Size: (H x W x D) 104 x 62 x 36 mm incl. clip
Weight: 129 g incl. battery and clip
Color: Black
Display: 142 x 80 Dot Matrix LCD (35 x 24 mm active area)
Simultaneous rows: Depending on font - 6 (small), 5 (medium), 4 (large), scrollbar indication of additional rows
Max number of characters per row: 27–32 (small), 23–28 (medium), 17–22 (large)
Battery: Li-ion 650 mAh
Battery operating time: 48 hours (2 days) incl. 4 alarms per 8 hours, Man-down/No-movement alarm and location function or 72 hours (3 days) incl. 4 messages per hour (no alarm or location function)
Charge time: Approx 2 hrs.
Clip: Hinge-type (standard) or swivel-type

Quality testing and compliance

IEC 60068-2-32, procedure 1: Dropped 12 times from 1.5 meters
Free fall test (ATEX/IECEx):  26.4.3 in IEC 60079-0, dropped 4 times from 1 meter


Operating temperature: -10°C to +55°C
Storage temperature: -20°C to +55°C


a72 Product Sheet
a72 Product Sheet

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