Digital innovation delivered through Digistat®

The case of the Piacenza Health Authority

The Digistat® platform is used by the Piacenza Health Authority, at the Piacenza and Castel San Giovanni hospitals, where it is an increasingly necessary tool in the journey towards the digitisation of healthcare facilities. It is also part of the broader corporate project aimed at Computerised Management of the Department (CMD).


The use of Digistat® allows the Piacenza Health Authority:

  • To improve the traceability of the surgical workflow in order to provide a comprehensive overview, from a single "console,” of information relating to the individual patient;
  • Increase patient treatment traceability, through constant monitoring of the patient's progress within the facility, registration of all executed procedures and therapies, immediate availability of all vital parameters, and near-real time notification of alarms from medical devices;
  • Improve healthcare facility organisation and efficiency, as all patient information saved in the system and stored in a healthcare facility repository is available to healthcare and social welfare administrators. This will help to replace paper archives.
In terms of scheduling operating rooms, the Digistat® solution allows us to view, on monitors installed in the operating room, what tasks have already been done, what is being done and what is scheduled in the different rooms, while the data relating to each task is clear and shared.
Dr. Massimo Nolli
Director of the Intensive Care and Anesthesiology Department - Local Health Authority, Piacenza

The “Patient's Journey” at the Healthcare Facility with Digistat®

The journey with Digistat® can start with different ways of accessing the patient at the healthcare facility:

  • a surgical patient (elective, or under an urgent or emergency protocol);
  • an ICU patient;
  • a pregnant patient who comes for an appointment, ultrasound, admission or delivery;
  • an outpatient of specialised departments such as gastroenterology and pulmonology.
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Digital innovation - improving surgical workflows
Piacenza ver. elettronica
Piacenza ver. elettronica
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