Ascom helps give residents more freedom and safety with home automation

March 11, 2019
Zorggroep Noorderboog, care homes provider in the Netherlands, has chosen Ascom to give their residents more freedom and security.

With 19 sites in The Netherlands, Zorggroep Noorderboog needed a combination of smart healthcare automation and an integrated telecommunications platform, to support care and workflows with smart technology. With our solutions, Noorderboog is addressing the safety and independence of its residents through home automation. The technology, most notably, provides notifications of alarms, which makes it possible to work more efficiently.

"Ascom solutions fit our needs perfectly”
Marjolein Holterman-Rorije, Head of Information, Quality and Process Management at Zorggroep Noorderboog

Smartphones for healthcare
Zorggroep Noorderboog has opted for a sophisticated combination of different types of Ascom home automation and devices to meet the needs of both staff and residents. One of the devices that’s being used throughout the group is the Ascom Myco 2 - a smartphone built specifically with healthcare in mind. Using Myco 2s, healthcare providers have receive alarms wherever they are, so that they can work more efficiently, and safety is improved, with immediate insight into what action is required.

"With the home automation of Ascom, we can optimise our workflows while simultaneously offering our residents more privacy, without sacrificing their safety of freedom of movement."
Marjolein Holterman-Rorije, Head of Information, Quality and Process Management at Zorggroep Noorderboog

Smart sensors 
In the world of care for the elderly, it’s challenging to find a balance between the vigilance needed by care providers and the independence of residents. With Ascom’s teleCARE IP home automation solution, integrated with Sensara's smart sensor technology, staff can monitor the residents in a secure way without violating their privacy or restricting their freedom of movement.

By integrating Ascom’s Unite messaging software, the solution seamlessly links mission critical systems with mobile staff. The solution is also enabling Zorggroep Noorderboog to centralise and streamline its planning processes, to improve efficiency.

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