Ascom launches its new Myco 4 smartphone for clinical institutions and enterprises

The new professional smartphone Myco 4 provides effective communication, better coordination and improved efficiency.  Combined with the Ascom Healthcare Platform (AHP), the new device further elevates Ascom’s healthcare solutions allowing seamless workflow continuity and care delivery. Thereby adding significant value to clinicians.

August 30, 2023

The Ascom Myco 4™ is specifically designed to improve operational efficiency, reduce the total cost of ownership, and withstand the toughest demands in the clinical and enterprise environment. The new device combines the functionalities of multiple devices into a single smartphone and offers a range of new and improved features:

  • Helping care facilities and businesses reduce total cost of ownership (TCO) with a single device that meets the use cases of multiple work devices such as separate use of barcode scanner and workstation
  • Reducing replacement and repair costs, resulting from a robust design and a much longer lifetime
  • Longer battery life with hot-swap functionality to maximize workflow continuity without interruption
  • Powerful barcode scanner with LED illumination
  • Additional alarm capabilities with optional pull-cord alarm
  • Enhanced Android security to safeguard patient health information

Ascom CEO Nicolas Vanden Abeele: "Ascom is committed to providing mission-critical, near real-time solutions for highly mobile, ad-hoc, and time-sensitive environments. The Myco 4 has been developed to offer our customers superior business value, providing new and innovative features to enable greater workflow efficiency and improved safety and support for staff and patients."

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