Ascom collaborates with Oracle Cerner to simplify access to patient information via Myco 3 Smartphone

Ascom has announced that it is working with Oracle Cerner in the US to give nurses direct access to a patient’s electronic patient record (EPR) on the Ascom Myco 3 VoWiFi smartphone.

October 17, 2022

This integration gives the ability to view a patient’s health record more conveniently and easily using tools they already know and use on a daily basis. The validated connectivity of the Myco 3 smartphone and additional Cerner mobility applications helps provide better care and support clinical team collaboration.

In a recent survey conducted by Ascom in the US, nearly 60% of nurses say that a hospital’s suite of technology is an important factor in deciding where to take a job. In addition, 47% say that technology is significantly enhancing and supplementing their skills as a clinician ’a great deal’ or ‘a lot.’ Of the top things nurses say they want their technology solutions to do, they rank highly the ability to do more by connecting more information from patient systems into one centralised source.

“Nurses consistently tell us the power to have the right information at the right time at their fingertips is critical to doing their jobs well,” said Blake Donahue, Ascom’s Global Strategic Alliance Director. “This collaboration gives clinicians better tools to find the EPR information they rely on at just the touch of a button on their mobile handset. Ascom is thrilled to evolve our relationship with Oracle Cerner further to support on-the-go reliable, coordinated care for the benefit of our worldwide customers and their patients.”

The Ascom Myco 3 VoWiFi smartphone is validated with Cerner clinical mobility applications including:

  • CareAware Connect™ Messenger – communication, care-team collaboration, alert management
  • CareAware Connect™ Voice – unified clinical communications
  • CareAware Connect™ nursing workflows – nursing POC workflow
  • CareAware Event Management™ – alarm notification
  • Bridge™ – transfusion workflow
  • CareAware Patient Flow® – transport process and bed turnover optimisation
  • Camera Capture™ – clinical image capture
  • Clinical Inventory Management – materials management
  • Cerner Staff Manager – mobile clinical scheduling

The Ascom Myco 3 smartphone gives users:

  • Purpose-built healthcare industrial grade Wi-Fi for secure connectivity with seamless roaming, maximising data and telephony communications across entire wireless networks
  • An Android Enterprise Recommended rugged device with an aluminum chassis and gorilla glass
  • A 5” multi-touch display in full HD for optimal interfacing and management of alerts, messages visual data
  • Exceptional sound quality with wideband audio and noise and echo cancellation
  • 24 / 7 / 365 continuous performance with a powerful octa-core processor to support smooth multitasking
  • A truly hot-swappable battery to minimise downtime and increase productivity
  • An alarm button lets staff quickly trigger a distress alert for “man-down” and “no-movement”*

 *Described functionality not currently supported through Cerner’s CareAware Connect™

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