Ascom adds ‘talk before walk’ wireless speech function to new release of Ascom teleCARE IP

New feature helps reduce caregivers’ walking time; enables more streamlined workflows in elderly care facilities

April 29, 2019

Ascom, a global solutions provider focused on healthcare ICT and mobile workflow solutions, has added wireless speech functionality to its latest version of the Ascom teleCARE IP emergency call system. The new feature promises to help reduce the time spent by staff walking to investigate calls from residents in continuing and elderly care facilities.

Ascom teleCARE IP has always had hardwired speech functionality. But by making it wireless, residents can simply use their normal mobile phones to communicate directly with caregivers via Ascom teleCARE IP. Caregivers can communicate with residents while on the go, and can deal with residents’ calls before walking to investigate.

The newly released (Ascom teleCARE IP 12) is available globally. The latest version also features several technical enhancements including a new system configuration application.

“The new release,” comments Ascom CTO André Neu, “illustrates how Ascom innovation delivers real, tangible benefits to residents, caregivers and care facilities. By adding wireless speech, we’ve made it even easier for residents to contact caregivers—which can help reassure residents and their families. For caregivers, wireless speech helps to streamline workflows, and to simultaneously improve efficiency and residents’ safety and comfort.”     

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