Ascom launches Myco 3 smart phone for mobile workers

Workflow technology innovator Ascom has released Myco 3 – a next generation, enterprise level smart phone for mobile workers

July 10, 2020

With a sleek aluminum body, 5-inch full HD screen and 13Mp camera, Myco 3 has the familiar feel, operability and ‘pick up and go’ intuitivity of a smart phone.

The device is resistant to both dropping and chemicals, and is loaded with apps and features that support mobile workers. As well as enabling two-way text, image, voice and video communication, it comes with a 1D/2D barcode scanner and professional carry clip.

Built to be open and offer exceptional system interoperability, Myco 3 facilitates fluent workflows, fast responses and fact-based decisions. This eliminates duplication of effort, ensures workers are safe, provides managers with current status and helps to improve performance across the entire workforce.

Paul Lawrence, managing director, Ascom UK said: “There are only two ingredients of a business running optimally – efficient systems and efficient workers.

“Myco 3, coupled with the software underpinning it, are the ideal solution because they deliver both. Systems are unified to ensure that every worker knows exactly where they should be, what they should be doing and responding as one to challenges. It can make a profound impact on operational performance.”

Myco 3 handset intelligence is supported by Ascom messaging software, which integrates systems such as telephone and management programs, staff rotas, delivery schedules and alarms – uniting them to turn daily schedules or projects into clear actionable tasks that workers accept and mark as complete.

Managers can organise the workforce by dispatching alerts or requests that staff receive and accept on the Myco 3 handset before sending updates or confirmation of completed tasks.

Myco 3 also greatly enhances the IoT data picture of businesses by feeding data back into administrative and analytical systems.

The powerful handset comes with a professional onboard scanner with a guiding light as well as a powerful octa-core processor to support smooth multitasking. A hot-swappable 3000 mAh Li-ion battery helps maximise uptime and productivity without any need to power down or exit apps when changing batteries.

Paul continues: “It is difficult to single out any one feature that makes this the stand-out smart device for mobile workers, because it is the combination of power, intelligence, openness, app-centricity and ease of use that make Myco 3 so compelling.

“It is not simply a mobile or lone worker smart phone – it is effectively an extension of the worker – a way to unlock maximum human performance through the principles and frameworks of systems automation. But it is also a tool that guides individuals, brings out their best performance, enables them to complete jobs quickly, safely, make improvement suggestions, inform management of incidents and achieve recognition for going the extra mile.

“If you scale this up from the individual to the workforce, it is easy to see that the benefits multiply many times over, potentially supercharging both efficiency and profitability.”

Paul concludes: “Myco 3 has the potential to be a game-changer in enterprise markets so we look forward to working with operators to help them unlock new levels of performance.”

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