Better dementia care with cutting-edge technology

April 1, 2019

Paul Lawrence, Managing Director of Ascom UK explains how responsive, integrated technology can help staff give better care to people with dementia in the April issue of Care Talk.

Here's an excerpt from the article:

Ask those involved in helping people with dementia what matters, and dignity and independence are the watchwords. Dignity involves privacy and freedom, with a respect for people’s individuality. Independence means the maximum mobility possible for each person, supported by a secure environment.

Sophisticated, integrated technology can go a long way in supporting those with dementia to live as full a life as possible. In the Netherlands – a country recognised for its gold-standard residential care - Ascom technology has been helping care home providers, including Zorggroep Noorderboorg, keep residents independent and safe for 60 years. 

The company, which has 19 care homes across the Netherlands, needed a combination of smart healthcare automation and integrated telecommunications to support care and workflows. As part of our care platform, we installed teleCARE which seamlessly collates information from a variety of sources including wearable devices, sensors and nurse call system alerts. We integrated it with Sensara’s smart sensor technology that monitors residents without violating their privacy or restricting movement. Care staff in the homes can receive alarm alerts on the move via their Ascom Myco smartphones...

Click here to read the article in full on page 23 of the Paril issue of Care Talk

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