Imprivata and Ascom partner on fast and efficient mobile access to patient data

Single sign-on solution gives clinicians secure and auditable ‘tap & go’ access to shared mobile devices and apps

September 4, 2019

Imprivata, the healthcare IT security company, is partnering with global healthcare ICT provider Ascom to give clinicians speedy, secure access to patient and clinical data, via ‘tap and go’ technology.

Together the two companies will provide highly efficient access to patient and clinical information on shared mobile devices. Clinical staff will able to access Ascom devices with the simple tap of a proximity badge and can then sign-on to their applications. This removes the need for repetitive manual logins and complex passwords on small mobile keyboards. 

Imprivata Mobile Device Access is designed to provide a fast, efficient, and familiar system to clinicians which mirrors existing workflows on workstations and virtual desktops. It helps keep clinical staff mobile by bringing technology to the bedside, improving usability of shared clinical mobile devices and applications.

Ascom provides a portfolio of healthcare grade mobile devices that include smartphones, pagers and handsets, supported by Ascom Healthcare and Enterprise Platforms, accessories, professional services, training, after-sales support, and Enterprise Mobility Management solutions. With its HD 5” touchscreen, the Ascom Myco 3 offers a user-friendly interface for managing calls, alerts, photos, messages, scores, waveforms, and other critical information. A true hot-swap battery helps ensure constant operation throughout long shifts and its certifications give access to the world’s largest ecosystem of apps.

Paul Lawrence, Managing Director of Ascom UK said: “We are delighted to partner with Imprivata on this important initiative to speed up access to vital clinical data. This contract will help ensure our healthcare customers have simple, highly secure access to data at their fingertips, further enhancing the cutting-edge technology offered by Ascom mobile devices.”

Dr. Sean Kelly, Chief Medical Officer at Imprivata, commented; “At Imprivata, we are committed to providing the most efficient and natural workflows for clinical users that harness the latest proven technology. Our partnership with Ascom will help to make the secure use of mobile devices that take healthcare into the 21st century as transparent as possible for the end user. By providing fast access to patient data and unlocking the true potential of these devices, we remove a barrier to care and enable clinicians to focus on the patient.”

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