Ascom Unite Connect for EHR

Enabling a connected environment between caregivers and patient information

Unite Connect for EHR integrates with standards based Electronic Health Record (EHR) systems to improve caregiver access to patient health information, supporting quicker decision-making and effective patient care. It is compatible with leading EHR systems that support standard healthcare protocols. 

Increased access to patient data can be achieved by extending the reach of this information to mobile caregivers. Connect for EHR enables workflow enhancements by providing expanded access to patient health information to assist clinical decision-making. Caregivers and support staff can also receive message notifications on their mobile device for events like patient admissions, discharges or transfers. 


Expanding access to EHR information

Caregivers may sometimes feel disconnected to important patient health information simply because the EHR system may not always be easily accessible at the point of need.  Unite Connect for EHR bridges this gap by linking patient information with applications like staff assignment and patient alert message notifications.


Fast facts

  • Delivers EHR alert notification messages to caregiver mobile devices
  • Enables display of patient information within staff scheduling application
  • Provides easy access to patient demographic information in central display and dispatch applications
  • Includes option for patient name as part of alert notification message



  • Saves time by delivering info directly to the mobile caregiver, enhancing care coordination
  • Speeds up caregiver response through increased access to patient information
  • Reduces the number of times you need to access multiple systems to retrieve patient information
  • Assists identification of patients who may have demanding care needs
  • Increases efficiency of patient assignment and patient care

Supporting documents

Unite Connect for EHR Product Sheet

Unite Connect for EHR Product Sheet

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