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Mental healthcare - security with dignity

Mobile communications and personnel alarm solutions are a proven, efficient and practical way to enhance staff safety, while giving personnel the mobility so necessary in mental healthcare. They also facilitate discreet, unobtrusive tracking and monitoring of at-risk persons and equipment. And as Ascom solutions integrate with virtually all existing platforms and third-party systems, they help care providers make more of the resources they already have. Ascom solutions for mental healthcare: a smarter way to care.


  • Ascom technical alarms for mental healthcare organisations >

    Ascom technical alarms for mental healthcare organisations >

    Mental healthcare often involves specialist and expensive equipment. Maintaining the physical integrity of a psychiatric unit is also essential for staff, patient and public safety. That’s why Ascom solutions offer a full range of technical alarms, systems that connect processes, equipment, buildings and people. Failures and actionable deviations trigger automated alerts that go directly to assigned technicians. Unanswered alerts are escalated to selected colleagues.