Ascom delivers FIRST Cloud Based solution to major Automotive Company in Sweden

Ascom Cloud Based Alarm Solution allows the customer to send different types of alarms to their staff using Ascom’s smartphone app for alarms

september 23, 2021

Opportunities and benefits from Cloud migration trends

The term “cloud services'' refers to a wide range of services securely delivered on demand to companies or customers over public or private networks as opposed to being delivered from a traditional on premise data centre.

Adoption of cloud services delivers a number of benefits for the customer such as lower cost of implementation, reduction in on premise hardware and associated support requirements, easier scalability and increased flexibility. For the vendor, benefits include improved cost competitiveness, shorter sales cycles and increased recurring revenues.

Significant improvements

The major automotive company is mainly used to inform personnel in different types of production areas about problems and other issues, and also to prepare for example a shift of sheet metal press tools.

Other important areas are alarms about failure in production lines to technicians in maintenance dept, information about lack of material in production lines and production information to e.g. team leaders.

Ascom Cloud Based Alarm Solution allows the customer to leverage the convenience and cost savings by converging multi-site installations into a single instance. The result is significant improvements in single point of administration, transfer of maintenance and flexibility of deployment.