Clinical care information made digital, connected, actionable and powerful

Through digitally enabled workflows and information flows, the Ascom Healthcare Platform helps clinical care teams realize the full benefits of integrated healthcare information technology across a wide range of use cases. From alerts to events management, team communication, coordinated care and care protocol alignment, information can flow seamlessly across systems, devices, care teams and points of care in support of informed patient care decisions.  

Use Case: Advanced Patient Alarm Management & Alert Notification

Actionable insight that brings clarity to patient alerts.

The challenge

In today’s clinical environments patient connected medical devices can emit frequent streams of alarms, all day and every day. In such an environment it can be difficult to know which alarms require a clinical response. Without knowing which alarms may require clinical response, clinical teams must be informed about every alarm, which contributes to alarm fatigue, unnecessary distraction and interruptions that can introduce risk to patient care and timely coordinated care responses.


ascom healthcare platform patient alert management overview

An integrated solution for seamless, directed and responsive alert notification.


A Better Approach

The Ascom Healthcare Platform offers an integrated and orchestrated solution that enables informed responsive patient centered care.

It starts with seamless integration of the connected medical device. This allows Ascom orchestration software to continually access and evaluate alarms in order to provide advanced alarm notification management. Unite orchestration software aquires, filters and dispatches relevant alerts to clinicians assigned to specific patient via our mobility solutions and smart devices. The software can also confirm that the alert was received/accepted and that a response was executed. 

A Better Result: Actionable Alert Information

  • Seamless medical device data integration 
  • Filtered and directed  alerts to patient assigned clinicians
  • Clear, contextualized alert overviews made available on smartphones and handsets, displayed via intuitive user interfaces
  • Helps reduce alarm fatigue by decreasing non-clinical alert notifications
  • Helps improve response time and confirmation tracking for critical patient events
patient alert mgt result on myco device

Clear, context-rich patient alert overviews close to hand on Myco smartphones and other handsets

patient vitals registration overview

Bedside patient vitals registration direct to the EMR for less double documentation and faster availability 

Use Case: Registering Patient Vitals 

Single Entry Patient Vitals Registration direct to the EMR from the patient bedside

The Challenge

Capturing consistent, reliable patient vitals is at the center of effective patient care management. But too often registration involves a multi-step process that is prone to interruptions and that requires double documentation. This can increase the risk of medical errors, and delay registration of vitals and their availability for the broader care teams to see.


patient vitals registration result in myco device

Faster vitals registration and updates: from the bedside direct to the EMR 
with Ascom Myco smartphone and Digistat clinical applications

A Better Approach

The Ascom Healthcare Platform combines Digistat integration and orchestration software, Digistat clinical application tools with the Ascom Myco smartphone to enable single-entry vitals registration at the bedside, direct to EHRs/EMRs. This streamlined solution lets clinicians seamlessly update and access vitals digitally, at the bedside and across points of care. 

A Better Result: Bedside vitals registration made accessible, direct to the EMR

  • Single-entry vitals registration at the bedside to EMR with Ascom mobility smart devices and applications
  • Fewer duplicate documentation errors
  • Critical vitals made available faster
  • Seamless access to updates of patient vitals supports timely visibility to patient care updates and overviews across care teams

Use Case: Early Warning Score

Preloaded, guided, early warning risk score calculation to support earlier awareness and patient care intervention

The Challenge

A lot can change in an instant when caring for patients with compromised conditions. Trends need to be reviewed.  Changes in trends need to be identified early to provide the best opportunity to quickly and most effectively intervene.  Too often though, manual calculations of early warning risk scores can be complex, time consuming and prone to errors. And worse can lead to delayed assessment, care communication and intervention, with dire consequences. 




early warning scoring overview

Seamless, guided Digistat early warning score calculation plus coordinated care response communication across care teams with Ascom Myco smartphones


A Better Approach

The Ascom Healthcare Platform helps turn complexity into structured review of patient vitals and care communication.  Utilizing preloaded, guided, early warning risk score calculations in a clinical application, unfavorable changes and trends across vitals parameters can be identified by clinicians for further monitoring with timely patient care updates to EMRs and/or trend charts.  When scores indicate negative trends, Ascom Myco smartphones and other integrated solutions enable streamlined requests for lab tests, clinical consultation and arrangements for ICU bed reservations and patient transfers when needed … all without leaving the patient’s side.

A Better Result: Care assessment insight for informed clinical decisions and timely coordinated care

  • Preloaded customizable templates for guided score calculation
  • Helps minimize manual error and increase the accuracy of early warning scores
  • Helps provide visibility to acute threats and vital trends


The Ascom Healthcare Platform

Unlock the power of digital clinical information.  Benefit from digital clinical information that flows efficiently across systems, devices, care teams and points of care.

early warning scoring result in myco device

Integrated, guided early warning score applications, care coordination and smartphone solutions for informed and responsive patient care across clinical teams and points of care

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